Welcome to The Hop~N~Blueberry Farm

A seventh Generation Family Sustainable Farm Specializing in Hops, Butterflies, Blueberries, Medicinal Herbs, & Pollination located just five miles from I-40 in Black Mountain, NC.

The farm is open to the public for tours on Saturdays at 1 p.m. from late May until October. Special Tours can be arranged for any time during the year. Here you will learn about how passionate owner Van Burnette is to save his small farm by presenting visitors with a most informative tour including a walk through the native butterfly house. The tour will take a little over one hour and will feature the history of the 165 year old farm and how sustainable farming practices are used to make the farm a success then and now using such things as permaculture and the incorporation of native pollinators.

Be sure to visit the farm in 2015 to pick blueberries. We are still establishing our crop and it should be fully operational by then.
Special hop tours are specifically designed to give the visitor detailed information on how to grow hops and set up a hop yard. Ask how you can volunteer on the farm in exchange for learning how to grow hops.
Tour the website now to find out more about all that is going on at the farm.

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